We believe God wants a life-changing relationship with you.  

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Ladies' PM Bible Study Group

Ladies' Evening Bible Study

We offer a Bible study for women on Tuesday nights (at 7:00 pm during non-winter months; 6:30 pm in the winter between time changes).


We are studying the book entitled "Remember Your Joy: A Bible Study of Salvation Stories in the Old Testament." We have had interesting teaching and gone down some entertaining bunny trails!

Interested in learning about God and his Son, Jesus? Are you at work or too busy to come for a morning study? Join our Tuesday PM Ladies' Bible Study! 

Ladies' AM Bible Study Group

Ladies' Morning Bible Study

We offer a Bible  study for women on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM.


We are studying "Remember Your Joy: A Bible Study of Salvation Stories in the Old Testament," like the Tuesday Night Ladies' Bible Study, but we come up with our own thought-provoking questions and find many other curious bunny trails to go down as we learn! 

Interested in learning how to become more like God's Son, Jesus? Don't want to drive at night? Join our Wednesday morning Ladies' Bible Study!  

Pioneer Men's Group

Pioneer Men's Group

Every two weeks on Tuesday evenings (at 7:00 pm during non-winter months and 6:30 pm in the winter between time changes), Pioneer Men's Group will meet, starting October 18.


We will read and discuss topics of interest to men. Our first topic will be the book, "The 5 Masculine Instincts: A Guide to Becoming a Better Man."


We are sure to get into some good discussions!

Join our Pioneer Men's Group every second Tuesday night. Pioneer Men's Group starts on October 18, 2022. See you there!

College and Careeers Group

College and Careers Group 

Are you out of high school now? Studying at college or university? Working in your first career? This group is for you!


On the first Wednesday night of the month, Pioneer's College and Careers Group meets at someone's home to dig into God's Word and apply it to issues relevant to our group. Come out to learn more about God and how we can live for him.

Join our Pioneer's College and Careers Group every first Wednesday night of the month. Contact us to find out the location and time of our next meeting.

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