Our purpose is to become like Jesus.

Come Grow With Us!

God wants a life-changing relationship with you.


Ladies' Tuesday Evening Bible Study Group

We offer a Bible study for women on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM. Our study will continue throughout the summer.


We are studying When You Pray: A Study of Six Prayers in the Bible. We have had some exciting teaching and gone down some very entertaining bunny trails!

Interested in learning about God and his Son, Jesus? Are you at work or too busy to come for a morning study? Join our Tuesday evening Ladies' Bible Study! 

2 Ladies watching a video at our Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

Ladies' Wednesday Morning Bible Study Group

We offer a Bible study for women on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM. 


We are studying When You Pray: A Study of Six Prayers in the Bible, and like the Tuesday Night Study, we discuss many thought-provoking questions and other curious bunny trails to go down as we learn! 

Interested in learning how to become more like God's Son, Jesus? Don't want to drive at night? Join our Wednesday morning Ladies' Bible Study! 


We would love to help answer them!